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Hey there, I'm AsciiCrawler, just your average software developer. and i made this website because, you know, boredom is a powerful motivator.

Here, I'll be posting all sorts of random stuff like software projects, anime, video games, or whatever else pops into my head.

You can sit down wherever i guess..

Fun facts

  • I'm from Mexico AsciiCrawler nationality - Taco Mexico
  • I am a professional software developer, currently working as a web developer using the MERN Stack and AWS.
  • I'm interested in game development, reverse engineering, and low-level programming. in my free time I also do some drawing and 3D design.
  • I enjoy server administration on 'bare metal servers', none of that fancy AWS stuff,just like our ancestors did in ancient times!
  • I'm into anime too, and one of my favorites is Overlord.
  • Sometimes I spend a lot of time in TF2, usually chilling on trading servers.

ToDo list

  • Create the Blog section.
  • Start Android Game DevLog.
  • Create a section for 3D art portfolio.
  • Create a Discord bot.

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